Advantages of Graduating from a top MBA college in Kochi, Kerala

If you are weighing your options for MBA in Kochi, Kerala, you should also understand the benefits you will enjoy after you graduate. When companies want to hire a new candidate, they do not just look at academics as was the norm previously. They look at the attitude, aptitude and real world knowledge of a candidate. If you are a graduate from a top MBA college in Kochi, Kerala, you would have faced enough situations […]

Why Choose MBA and BBA Course in Kochi

In the past few decades, MBA has remained a course in demand for students. While it was seen as a course that can be done by any degree holders, people have understood that it’s a lot easier and better to follow the path early. Thus, BBA has also gained in popularity. But the question is – where should you study? Here we discuss why you should be choosing MBA or BBA course in Kochi. Availability […]